Replay: Turf Wars: The Debate Over Regional Government

As Virginia’s innercity problems spill over into the surburban counties, local governments are looking at the ways cities and counties can cooperate to improve the lives of all citizens. Christopher …

April 14, 1998

Risky Business: Storing Hazardous Wastes and Chemicals

Part I: Mary Washington geologist Grant Woodwell examines the risks of underground storage of high-level nuclear waste and how we can safeguard communities.  Find the segment audio here. Part II: Virginia Tech environmental scientist David …

March 27, 1998

Setting Agenda: American Defense and Foreign Policy Issues

How does the United States shape its foreign policy? Former Undersecretary of State David Newsom (University of Virginia), author of The Public Dimension of Foreign Policy, joins Mary Washington political scientist John Kramer for a …

March 20, 1998

In Other Words: Voice of Virginia Writers

Part I: Old Dominion University bestselling author Sheri Reynolds talks about life in the rural South and her book, The Rapture of Canaan. Find the segment audio here. Part II: Twice each year, the best …

March 13, 1998

For Better or Worse: The Public and Political Ethics

Virginia Commonwealth University political scientist Scott Keeter joins Bob Roberts (James Madison University), author of The Public Integrity War, for a discussion of our national obsession with the ethical conduct of politicians. Roberts blames an …

March 6, 1998

All the Way to the Bank:Virginia’s Economic Forecast

Economic forecasters Roy Pearson, from the College of William and Mary, and Stephen Fuller, from George Mason University, take a look at the future of Virginia’s economy beyond the Car Tax.

February 27, 1998

Cutting Class: Civil Rights, Education and the Lost Generation

A 1951 protest of poor conditions at Moton High School in Farmville resulted in the school becoming one of the plaintiffs in the Brown v. Board of Education case that ended legal …

February 20, 1998

By Definition: The Virginia Racial Integrity Act of 1924

Passed at the height of the Eugenics Movement, the Racial Integrity Act proclaimed the existence of only two racial categories in Virginia—”colored” and white. The law stripped Native Americans and …

February 13, 1998

The Fall Guy: Great Frame-Ups in History

John Wilkes Booth will forever be known as the assassin of Abraham Lincoln, but does history remember Samuel Mudd, the physician who set Booth’s leg and was tried as a …

February 6, 1998

The Monroe Papers: The National Legacy of a President

James Monroe is one of the most understudied, underrated presidents in American history. Today there is a Virginia consortium dedicated to remedying that condition. “The Papers of James Monroe” is …

January 23, 1998

Destiny Revealed: Stonewall Jackson’s War Years

An awkward teacher and quirky citizen, Stonewall Jackson left the quiet college town of Lexington, Va., to join Virginia’s Army of the Potomac. Within months, Jackson established himself as an …

January 16, 1998

Unlikely Hero: Stonewall Jackson’s Early Years

Orphaned at an early age, Stonewall Jackson spent his youth struggling for identity and striving for acceptance from family, friends, and teachers. Celebrated Virginia Tech historian James “Bud” Robertson, author of Stonewall …

January 9, 1998

Let’s Get Fiscal: Year-End Tax Tips

Before the W-2s and the shoe boxes full of receipts start appearing, two accounting professors, Richard Newmark from Old Dominion University and James Smith from William & Mary, join us to discuss strategies to …

December 26, 1997

High Anxiety: Understanding Social Disorders

Part I: Education professor Valerie Morprew of Longwood College shares new approaches for treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Find the segment audio here. Part II: Mark McCormick, a Virginia Commonwealth University psychiatrist and director of the …

November 21, 1997


A black and white photo in which one light-skinned US Marine in uniform leans against the Vietnam memorial wall.

Voices of Vietnam

The Vietnam War pulled America apart, dividing our country into factions. And yet, memories of the Vietnam War unite us. In a new eight-part special series, With Good Reason explores the unresolved tensions in our understanding of the war and the perspectives and people it forever changed.