Dogs are man’s best friend, but why?  It’s a friendship that goes way back – possibly all the way back to prehistoric times.  Dog-owner and forensic scientist Darcy Morey (Radford University) traces the evolution of dogs back 15,000 years to the present and says ancient dog burials are proof that we’ve always had a soft spot for Fido.  Also featured: bats aren’t so scary — but they are mysterious.  Scientists are only just beginning to unravel how bats navigate and hunt in the dark using echolocation.  Paul Moosman (Virginia Military Institute) has developed a device that he can strap onto bats to record their night journeys.  And biologist Rick Sherwin (Christopher Newport University) joins the conversation to talk about a bat species that depend on access to abandoned mines for survival.  And finally: baby chimpanzees in the mountains of Tanzania are at risk of contracting human diseases.  Taranjit Kaur (Virginia Tech) lived with her family on the shores of Lake Tanganyika and used an innovative eco-friendly field lab to learn how to protect the chimps.

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