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Advances in Heart Failure Care

John Kern (University of Virginia)

Only a fraction of the 5 million Americans with heart failure but are lucky enough to receive heart transplants. John Kern is a cardiac surgeon. He says innovative programs and new technologies are improving the survival rates for people with advances heart disease.

16 mins

Brightening the Shadows of Dementia

Lisa Onega (Radford University)

A sunny day makes most of us feel better. Lisa Onega is exploring whether exposure to bright light that mimics sunlight can bring relief to people with dementia and depression and reduce reliance on medications.

12 mins

Individualizing Cancer Care

Lance Liotta (George Mason University)

Cancer therapy is moving toward personalized treatment with the lowest toxicity possible for each patient. Lance Liotta is working with biomarkers that predict the possibility of cancer and aid in creating individualized therapy. Liotta was named an outstanding faculty member by The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

12 mins

Time is Brain

Andrew Southerland (University of Virginia Health System)

Stroke doctors all know the phrase, “Time is brain.” Andrew Southerland discusses a new therapy that is considered a game changer in stroke treatment, helping some patients achieve a dramatic recovery of brain function after strokes.

12 mins

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