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Aired: June 27, 1999

JFK, LBJ and The Tapes

While Richard Nixon’s recording of Oval Office conversations surfaced during Watergate, tapes made by his two predecessors did not surface until recently. These secretly recorded conversations between John F. Kennedy,… More»

Aired: April 18, 1999

The Baffling Balkans

We explore the conflict in the Balkans with a former Yugoslav government official and experts on conflict resolution and genocide. Visiting scholar Mihailo Crnobrnja (William & Mary), a former ambassador from… More»

Aired: October 11, 1998

Mediating Conflict: The New Peacemakers

Can psychoanalytic principles help solve headline-making conflicts around the world? “Yes,” says Vamik Volkan (University of Virginia), author of Bloodlines. He discusses how the theories of Freud and others are being applied… More»