With Good Reason

Achieving Love and Intimacy in Marriage
June 26th, 2010 - (0 Comments)

After teaching courses on marriage and family relations to community college students for 40 years, it’s clear to Russ Crescimanno (Piedmont Virginia Community College) that most couples don’t have a clue on how to compromise.  There is, he says, a science to love and intimacy, and many rocky marriages could thrive if couples would just […]

The American Graduation Initiative
March 13th, 2010 - (0 Comments)

The federal government unveiled a 12 billion dollar initiative last summer to add 5 million new community college graduates by 2020.   Frank Friedman (Piedmont Virginia Community College) says community college enrollment has exploded during the recession, but colleges are struggling to keep up with the demand for faculty and facilities. Also featured: Realizing that most […]

How Philosophy Can Save Your Life
January 9th, 2010 - (2 Comments)

Philosophers from Epicurus to Charlotte Joko Beck offer insights that may change how we view the world and our place in it. In How Philosophy Can Save Your Life, Marietta McCarty (Piedmont Virginia Community College) introduces ideas from the world’s greatest minds, weaving together the various strands as a tapestry for good living.  Also featured: […]