With Good Reason

Cinematography: Grace Behind the Lens
June 13th, 2009 - (0 Comments)

Rob Tregenza (Virginia Commonwealth University) is a cinematographer who has written, directed, and photographed award-winning films and television commercials.  He’s also the founder and director of the Tampa International Film Festival.  Now he’s teaching the next generation of cinema students the art and craft of narrative filmmaking.  Also featured: We’ve entered the summer season of […]

No Longer in Black and White
February 28th, 2009 - (1 Comments)

Arthur Knight (William and Mary) has made a career of studying African-American film, from biographies of its stars to the viewing patterns of its audiences. In the new Obama era, he questions whether the term “African-American cinema” is relevant anymore. Also: Drawing on the stories of one-hit-wonders, lottery winners and ponzi-schemers, Sam Riley (Virginia Tech) […]

The Horror of It All
October 25th, 2008 - (0 Comments)

Why do people get so much pleasure from movies that frighten them out of their wits? Stephen Prince (Virginia Tech) says horror films allow us to explore the anxieties of our times along with questions about human nature, all from the safety of a darkened movie theatre. Also: science fiction writer John Rosenman (Norfolk State […]