With Good Reason

Apologizing Works
May 29th, 2010 - (0 Comments)

For years, lawyers have advised parties in high stakes cases to avoid apologizing, because doing so could be construed as an admission of guilt.  However, Rick Warne (George Mason University) shows that apologizing may not only sometimes be the right thing to do, it can also save people from paying higher damages.  Also: The recent […]

On the Trail of the DC Snipers
March 20th, 2010 - (2 Comments)

In October 2002, filling up a gas tank or loading groceries into the car brought fear to many residents of metropolitan Washington, D.C. region.  Over the course of three weeks, two snipers killed 10 people and injured three others in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.  Jack Censer (George Mason University) in his new book “On the […]

No Argument Here: Reviving Debate at Historically Black Colleges
February 6th, 2010 - (1 Comments)

James Farmer was the leader of the 1961 Freedom Rides that desegregated transportation in the South. His skilled oratory was shaped in part as a member of the legendary 1935 debate team portrayed in Denzel Washington’s 2007 feature film, The Great Debaters. Timothy O’Donnell (University of Mary Washington) is leading an effort to help historically […]

Women at War
January 23rd, 2010 - (0 Comments)

Women journalists who covered the Vietnam War are often not given their proper due when the history of the conflict is told.  Joyce Hoffman (Old Dominion University) is the author of On Their Own:  Women Journalists in Vietnam. She shares stories of women who won esteemed prizes for their reporting and several who broke new […]

Every Move You Make
May 23rd, 2009 - (3 Comments)

Each day most of us wave to a friend or gesture in a meeting with colleagues. Dance professor Karen Studd (George Mason University) sees patterns and language in all of these acts. She calls her system for observing, describing, notating, and understanding movement “Laban Movement Analysis.” Also: Choreographer and professor Benita Brown (Virginia State University) […]

Civil War Reconciliation
January 31st, 2009 - (1 Comments)

During the Civil War, the residents Winchester witnessed some of the bloodiest battles for control of the Shenandoah Valley and suffered under Union occupation. Jonathan Noyalas (Lord Fairfax Community College) tells how the return of Union veterans to the Valley in 1883 sparked a spirit of reconciliation between former enemies. Also: Spencer Crew (George Mason […]

You’re Starting to Show…
November 8th, 2008 - (1 Comments)

While the media may cover mega-celebrity Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy with loving attention to every detail, mere mortal women still face prejudice and even outright hostility in our society during pregnancy. Eden King (George Mason University) says this is not only counter-productive; it’s illegal. Also, Nicole Karjane (Virginia Commonwealth University) offers insights into pregnancy and labor […]

You Sound Like You’re Not From Around Here…
September 13th, 2008 - (0 Comments)

Within seconds of hearing someone speak, we make judgments about that person and background, just based on their accent. Linguistics professor Steven Weinberger ( George Mason University) explains how and when we develop accents and how they affect our identity. Also: Geoffrey Chaucer’s fourteenth century writings may seem impenetrable, with strange pronunciation and incomprehensible phrases […]

Children Seen and Heard
August 30th, 2008 - (0 Comments)

Historians have long held that children of 17 th and 18 th century Europe were thought of as incomplete adults who were not yet worthy of love or compassion. However, historian Michael Galgano (James Madison University) says actually children were understood to be in a different stage of life, and they were celebrated and loved. […]

A Musical Bridge to China
August 2nd, 2008 - (0 Comments)

What do you get when you combine 150 singers from five American choral groups with an 55-piece/member Chinese orchestra and put them under the direction of  Virginia Commonwealth University conductor John Guthmiller? Answer: a musical tribute to the 2008 Beijing Olympics that deeply moved the Chinese audiences who heard it as well as Guthmiller, himself.  […]