Airing: August 26, 2017

Coming Up: Degrees of Separation-School Systems

In our final episode of our special series on education and inequality, we take a look at what is in the future for our public schools. First: 2017 saw the most expensive school board race in U.S. history for a single seat on the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) board. We talk to the people involved about how the battle over charters polarized the race. Then: We talk to outspoken charter school critic Diane Ravitch (NYU Steinhardt) about how charters can make inequality worse. And: We hear from charter advocate Tony Wagner (Harvard) about what an all-charter future might look like.

Later in the show: Louisville, KY is home to one of the most innovative and successful experiments in school desegregation in the country. So why are some people trying to kill it? And: When we talk about public schools, we usually think about urban or suburban districts. But what about the rest of America? We explore the issues facing rural schools with Mara Casey Tieken (Bates College). Plus: We wrap up our six-part series on education and inequality with a reflection on why education bears so much of the blame for social problems.


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