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Endagered Languages

The Scots-Irish settled much of the Shenandoah Valley and Southwest Virginia.  Nancy King, with the radio program “With Good Reason,” takes a look at this group of rugged individuals, including… More»

Into the Light – companion feature

Several million Americans describe having a near-death experience that has transformed their lives.  Nancy King, with the radio program “With Good Reason,” says a Virginia psychiatrist is creating a scientific… More»

Hidden Persuasion – feature

During the holiday season, we consumers get pretty savvy deciphering all the ads that bombard us this time of year….so advertisers look for new and inventive ways to sell their products.  Nancy… More»

Virginia Folklife Traditions – feature

The past is alive and well in Virginia in a project where master artists pass down their traditions to eager learners.  Nancy King, with the radio program “With Good Reason,”… More»

Escape to Hotel Rwanda – feature

A former Rwandan businessman is setting aside his personal tragedy to teach Virginians about the horrors of genocide.  Nancy King, with the radio program “With Good Reason,” reports on the… More»

Climate Change in the Garden – feature

Despite the recent rainfall, trees and shrubs across Virginia are suffering from warmer temperatures and a lack of precipitation.  Some gardeners believe the plants are trying to tell us something. … More»

Mourning Katrina – feature

As this country took note of the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, television crews descended on the Gulf Coast to chronicle the re-building efforts, or lack thereof.  But sometimes words are more powerful… More»

“Oh Shenandoah!” – feature

There’s no question that white-tailed deer populations have increased in most parts of Virginia.  What’s less clear is what to do about it.  Nancy King, with the radio program “With… More»