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Christmas Music and Memories
December 21st, 2013

Image via Flickr user Nationaal Archief

Image via Flickr user Nationaal Archief

Whether it’s a traditional hymn or a holiday song from our childhood, many people say Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the music that marks this season. The sense of joy, comfort, or spiritual uplift comes in all kinds of music at this time of year. From a Charlie Brown Christmas to Donny Hathaway and carols from the 15th century, Inman Majors (James Madison University), Hermine Pinson (College of William and Mary), and Rob Vaughan (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities) share their favorite holiday music and memories.

Later in the show: Christmas may conjure images of bourbon mixed in eggnog or hot buttered rum drinks, but biologist Lytton Musselman (Old Dominion University) is making his own cordials and spirits from wild roots, berries, and mushrooms. Musselman loves the distinct differences in flavor each plant brings to the liquor because, he says, “we are reminded of the glens, marshes, prairies, lakes, and forests where they live, who they hang out with, and their seasons of life.” Also featured: Delores Phillips (Old Dominion University) researches how multicultural families deal with holiday foods that will be on the table at this time of year. She speaks from personal experience as an African American married into a Vietnamese-American family with inlaws from both cultures.

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Holiday celebrations often come with classic drinks like eggnog and mulled wine.  One Virginia biologist is putting his own twist on cheerful spirits with homemade liquors.  Allison Quantz has the story.