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Democracy Online
September 1st, 2012

When online professionals gather for the annual edUi web conference in September, Waldo Jaquith will be among them. He’s a pioneer in using the web to foster more open and accessible government. His projects include Ethics.gov for the White House, States Decoded, and a website that allows users to watch video of floor action in state capitols and even vote on what they’d like to see in a bill. Also featured: Electronic health records can save billions of dollars and increase patient safety. But in the United States, they can also put individual privacy at risk, more so than in the European Union. Janine Hiller (Virginia Tech) spent a semester in Sweden studying Europe’s approach to balancing patient privacy and health rights. And: Wikipedia has been viewed with skepticism or worse in the academic community. But Kyle Nicholas (Old Dominion University) has his students edit Wikipedia pages to develop their critical thinking skills and media literacy.

2 Responses to “Democracy Online”

  • Just heard the Janquith feature. I am so impressed with his work and how his brain works. Thanks for bringing this work to the surface – even if it is at 1 am in DC where it should be a definition prime time show! Making the Va Cade dice enable USA noble goal.
    BTW I am a 60+, female, moderate to conservative – probably not you or Mr. Jsnquith’s regular demographic listener. Great work!

  • Dear Ms. Lineberry,

    Thank you for your kind words about this week’s show “Democracy Online”. Its really encouraging to hear from our listeners, no matter what time of day they are tuning in.
    As far thinking that you may not be part of our demographic, we hope our demographic includes anyone with a radio or computer, no matter their affiliation. I agree with you that Waldo Jaquith is doing groundbreaking work to make our government more accessible and we were very pleased to have him on our show.


    Elliot Majerczyk
    With Good Reason

    Elliot Majerczyk

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