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Sea Ice and Sunlight
August 27th, 2011 - (2 Comments)

In recent years, sea ice in the Arctic has been melting at an alarming rate. Scientists fear that Arctic shrinkage could contribute to rising sea levels worldwide. Oceanographer Victoria Hill (Old Dominion University) was one of five scientists who spent six weeks in the barren, frozen landscape, where temperatures fall to -40F. What she found […]

Confederate Outlaw
August 20th, 2011 - (2 Comments)

The American Civil War has produced a number of mythical characters. Perhaps there are none like the notorious Champ Ferguson, a Confederate guerrilla who claimed to have killed over 100 Union soldiers and sympathizers. Brian McKnight (University of Virginia’s College at Wise) says Ferguson was both a skilled fighter and a ruthless murderer who exploited […]

Father Spirit
August 13th, 2011 - (0 Comments)

When Jonathan Dickinson’s father was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease – a fatal neurodegenerative disorder – Jonathan decided to take him on an epic adventure.  They set out on a motorcycle journey through the Himalayas in India, and along the way met sadhus, foreign travelers and locals who became personally invested in the father’s and son’s […]

Will There Ever Be Peace On Earth?
August 6th, 2011 - (3 Comments)

Give peace a chance.  Teaching kids about peace might be just as important as reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Elavie Ndura-Ouedraogo (George Mason University) believes peace-building should be a part of school curricula and is using her country of Burundi to show how such programs can work.  Also featured: A game that encourages students to change the […]