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Civil War Reconciliation
July 26th, 2008 - (0 Comments)

During the Civil War, the residents Winchester witnessed some of the bloodiest battles for control of the Shenandoah Valley and suffered under Union occupation. Jonathan Noyalas (Lord Fairfax Community College) tells how the return of Union veterans to the Valley in 1883 sparked a spirit of reconciliation between former enemies. Also: Spencer Crew (George Mason […]

Darwin of the Mind
July 19th, 2008 - (0 Comments)

Of the two giants of psychology, Freud and Jung, the latter’s groundbreaking investigations into the workings of the mind have not always been fully appreciated. In his new book, Carl Jung, Darwin of the Mind, Thomas T. Lawson redresses the imbalance and offers new insights into the evolution of consciousness. Also: One popular image of […]

Call Me Mister
July 12th, 2008 - (0 Comments)

If you look at the most popular films of the last eighty years, you can see a changing image of the American male.  Ashton Trice (James Madison University) says men were often portrayed as heroes until the end of World War II, after which they were shown as struggling or even helpless. Also: Dean Deneese Jones […]

July 5th, 2008 - (0 Comments)

What if the South had won the Civil War? Noel Hendrickson (James Madison University) helps students consider questions about what might have been if the past had happened differently. Instead of taking possibilities to bizarre realms of science fiction, they use philosophy, social science and history knowledge to answer big hypothetical questions in realistic ways. […]