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Talking to Children about S-E-X
November 27th, 2004 - (0 Comments)

Although the rate of teen pregnancy is declining nationwide, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, is exploding. Peer health educator Mary Sullivan (University of Virginia) offers some practical tips to help parents talk to their kids about s-e-x. Also featured: A study conducted by David Branch and Shaye Arluk (Old Dominion University) shows an alarming number of obese children […]

Writing Braveheart
November 20th, 2004 - (0 Comments)

The College of William & Mary figures in the newest novel by the author of Braveheart. In his latest book, Love & Honor, Virginia native Randall Wallace takes us to a W&M circa 1774 and discusses the art of historical fiction, working with Mel Gibson, and writing screenplays (Pearl Harbor, We Were Soldiers) for Hollywood. Also featured: Sharon Rowley of Christopher Newport University is […]

An Imperfect God
November 13th, 2004 - (0 Comments)

Early biographers of the nation’s first president left out the part where a young George Washington raffled off slave children to prevent his family’s financial collapse. But Washington began to see the moral evil of slavery during the Revolutionary War, and he set all of his slaves free in his will. Henry Wiencek’s recent book An Imperfect God traces […]

Hollywood’s Civil War
November 6th, 2004 - (0 Comments)

After watching more than 90 Hollywood movies depicting the Civil War, history professor Brian Wills (University of Virginia-Wise) can discuss the good and the bad, and the ugly films that never should have been made. Ironically, he considers Birth of a Nation one of the very best as well as one of the very worst depictions of […]