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Improving Global Health
December 27th, 2003 - (0 Comments)

While some believe there’s a health-care crisis in the United States, many citizens of developing countries have no access to health care at all. Dr. Richard Guerrant (University of Virginia) has spent most of his career helping train foreign medical students, and spends part of the year in a small Brazilian city. Also featured: Tom Calogrides (Tidewater Community […]

Christmas Songs and Stories
December 20th, 2003 - (0 Comments)

On this special holiday edition of With Good Reason, we feature an assortment of songs, stories and thoughts about Christmas. Jazz pianist John Toomey (Old Dominion University) plays his rendition of several Christmas classics. Essayist Sharon Hoggard (Norfolk State University) reminisces about how her mother’s annual traditions. Writer Jay Lidington (Tidewater Community College) explains how his father’s struggle with Alzheimer’s has […]

The Next 100 Years of Flight
December 13th, 2003 - (0 Comments)

On December 17, 1903, two brothers from Ohio successfully flew a powered aircraft 852 feet in 59 seconds, marking the beginning of humanity’s era of flight. Since Orville and Wilbur Wright spread their wings, planes have gone from unstable contraptions to sleek vehicles that can traverse the globe in a matter of hours. Today, aerospace […]

Overcoming Appalachian Stereotypes
December 6th, 2003 - (0 Comments)

Last year’s announcement that CBS planned to create a new reality show called “The Real Beverly Hillbillies” generated objections that it would foster more disparaging views of the Appalachian Mountain culture. The show would have followed an Appalachian family as they adjust to life as Hollywood millionaires. English professor Parks Lanier (Radford University) is tired of Appalachian […]