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Bits, Bytes, and Books
August 30th, 2003 - (0 Comments)

Remember fifth grade when your teacher would show filmstrips in class? For the enterprising, it was a time to supplement book and classroom learning. For the rest of us, it was an excuse to catnap or shoot spitballs. Nowadays, the filmstrip is likely to have been replaced with a multimedia slideshow designed to complement the […]

Werowocomoco Unearthed
August 23rd, 2003 - (0 Comments)

When Robert and Lynn Ripley purchased a 300-acre farm in Gloucester County, they knew that archaeologists suspected it was once the home of Powhatan, the Indian chief who reigned as the first English settlers moved into Virginia. Researchers recently confirmed that the site is indeed the former village of Werowocomoco. Scholar Martin Gallivan (William & Mary) discusses […]

A Close Shave with Mars
August 16th, 2003 - (0 Comments)

In the early morning hours of August 27, astronomers all over North America will have their eyes trained on the night sky as Mars makes its closest approach to Earth in recorded history. It will be only 34,646,418 miles away! The last time Mars came that close was 60 thousand years ago. Astronomer Ed Murphy (University […]

Shakespeare and Race
August 9th, 2003 - (0 Comments)

Until recently, scholars assumed that the Elizabethans were both white and English and that they didn’t know people of color. But if that’s the case, why did Shakespeare, the best-known Elizabethan (after Elizabeth herself, of course) write so many plays that include black characters? And who is the mysterious dark lady of the sonnets? Imtiaz Habib […]

Liberia’s Charles Taylor
August 2nd, 2003 - (0 Comments)

Does America have a moral obligation to come to the aid of Liberia’s war-weary people? Founded by freed slaves in 1822, Liberia has been in turmoil since a bloody coup in 1980. Can U.S. troops help stop the violence? A roundtable discussion is led by Joe Miller (University of Virginia). Also featured: Who is Charles Taylor, […]