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Women and Depression
October 20th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

By some estimates women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression. Researchers have posited numerous theories for the gender difference: a variance in brain structure, reproductive function, a greater tendency among women to seek help, and societal pressures. Psychiatrist Susan Kornstein (Virginia Commonwealth University) says while the difference in prevalence is well-established, the ways […]

The History of Night
October 13th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

We hear “Early to bed, early to rise,” and think our ancestors got the sleep for which we long. But even without the incandescent light bulb, 24-hour diners and late-night comics to distract them, our pre-industrial relatives were slumbering only seven or eight hours a night. Historian Roger Ekirch (Virginia Tech), author of the forthcoming A Day’s […]

Abraham’s Children
October 6th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

Three of the world’s religions look to the same nomadic herdsman—Abraham—as their patriarch. Yet Christians, Muslims and Jews have not always seen eye to eye. And, in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, some worry that understanding between followers of the three faiths may again be strained. Judaic studies expert Peter Ochs (University of Virginia) and […]

Radio Made America
September 29th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

From Fibber McGee’s closet to Franklin Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats, radio in the 1930s and ’40s held a spell over Americans. What was radio’s early role in spreading culture and how did the medium transform American politics, music and leisure time? John Sullivan and Alan Howard (University of Virginia) share their extensive collection of old-time radio […]

Hamlet in the Valley
September 22nd, 2001 - (0 Comments)

Already famous as the home of the Statler Brothers, Woodrow Wilson and turn-of-the-century buildings designed by TJ Collins, the town of Staunton is hoping to claim its place on the map as a center for Shakespearean drama. This month the city heralds the opening of the Blackfriars Playhouse. Modeled after the roofed, Elizabethan theater where […]

Walking Away From Diabetes
September 15th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

More than 10 million Americans are at high risk of developing diabetes and 60 million are already afflicted. The numbers are especially alarming for minority populations in the United States. This scourge causes 17% of American deaths each year and is the leading cause of blindness. There is no cure for diabetes, but a new […]

Revolutionary War: Changes in American Military Strategy
September 8th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

Later this month, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is expected to submit to Congress his review of the status of the U.S. military. Politicians and pundits are eagerly waiting to see whether the Bush administration will suggest the vast overhaul in American defense strategy for which it once called. Should the U.S. abandon its posture […]

Race: Does it Exist?
September 1st, 2001 - (0 Comments)

In 1998, a group of American anthropologists garnered attention by questioning the meaning of “race.” These scholars, from a discipline that long supported the concept of race, announced they no longer believed that humans could be categorized into clearly distinct biological groups. Their statement echoed a sentiment increasingly expressed by academics in a variety of […]

The Truth About Robert E. Lee
August 25th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

Few historical figures are more dear to the hearts of Virginians than Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Frequently hailed as both a brilliant military tactician and the consummate Southern gentleman, Lee’s star still shines brightly. But how much of this adulation is warranted? It was Grant’s victory over Lee that helped bring an end to […]

Keeping Our Waters Clean
August 18th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

Almost 30 years have elapsed since passage of the Clean Water Act, which put federal muscle behind the push to rid America’s waterways of pollution. But are our rivers and streams getting cleaner? The number of miles of polluted rivers in Virginia doubled between 1996 and 1998, according to a study released by a river […]