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Take This Job and Love It
October 27th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

Before you take a job, figure out whether you’ll be entering a healthy workplace. Management professor Pamela Hopkins (Mary Washington) and psychologist Paul Stepanovich (Old Dominion University) offer a list of vital signs prospective employees should check. Their tips are garnered from studying several businesses they’ve identified as “healthy workplaces.” Also featured: During the 20th century, the governments of […]

Women and Depression
October 20th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

By some estimates women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression. Researchers have posited numerous theories for the gender difference: a variance in brain structure, reproductive function, a greater tendency among women to seek help, and societal pressures. Psychiatrist Susan Kornstein (Virginia Commonwealth University) says while the difference in prevalence is well-established, the ways […]

The History of Night
October 13th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

We hear “Early to bed, early to rise,” and think our ancestors got the sleep for which we long. But even without the incandescent light bulb, 24-hour diners and late-night comics to distract them, our pre-industrial relatives were slumbering only seven or eight hours a night. Historian Roger Ekirch (Virginia Tech), author of the forthcoming A Day’s […]

Abraham’s Children
October 6th, 2001 - (0 Comments)

Three of the world’s religions look to the same nomadic herdsman—Abraham—as their patriarch. Yet Christians, Muslims and Jews have not always seen eye to eye. And, in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, some worry that understanding between followers of the three faiths may again be strained. Judaic studies expert Peter Ochs (University of Virginia) and […]