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Race: Does it Exist?
December 30th, 2000 - (0 Comments)

In 1998, a group of American anthropologists garnered attention by questioning the meaning of “race.” These scholars, from a discipline that long supported the concept of race, announced they no longer believed that humans could be categorized into clearly distinct biological groups. Their statement echoed a sentiment increasingly expressed by academics in a variety of […]

Ten Thousand Virginia Winters
December 23rd, 2000 - (0 Comments)

As the air turns frigid, we offer the perfect reason to sit by the fire. Our tales of winters past in the Old Dominion may make you wonder whether it is, indeed, cold outside. Virginians of old witnessed a frozen Chesapeake Bay, snow in June and blizzards with 10-foot drifts. Anthropologist Jim Jordan (Longwood University) describes the […]

Mountain Ballads
December 16th, 2000 - (0 Comments)

They followed a circuitous route in their 150-year travels from places with such names as Dumfries and Ayr to other locales called Donegal and Tyrone. Finally, they settled in a territory with names vaguely reminiscent of their homeland, names like Buchanan and Fincastle. They were the Scots-Irish of the 1600 and 1700s. People who made […]

A Shellfish Smorgasbord
December 9th, 2000 - (0 Comments)

A survivor for more than 350 million years, the horseshoe crab now faces an uncertain future. Commercial fishing is reducing the pre-historic creature’s numbers. But also contributing to the decline is the crab’s usefulness to science. Since the 1970s, horseshoe crabs have been caughtand bled to obtain a clotting agent used to detect dangerous toxins […]

The History of Fat
December 2nd, 2000 - (0 Comments)

We are a culture obsessed with weight, barraged with messages to thin down and images of the fit and trim. But fat did not always mean flawed. The painful bustles and corsets of 19th century gowns were designed to stress ample bosoms and bottoms. Women were supposed to be voluptuous. And those who weren’t – like American suffragette […]