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Crime and Punishment: Novel Approaches
November 18th, 2000 - (0 Comments)

Under the governorship of George Allen from 1994-1998, Virginians saw the abolition of parole, the tightening of sentences and construction of additional prisons. In recent years, residents of the Old Dominion have also seen a reduction in crime. Are the changes of the Allen era and the reduction in crime related? Some, like economist Carl Moody […]

100 Years of Separate and Unequal
November 11th, 2000 - (0 Comments)

With Reconstruction Virginia’s leaders committed themselves to publicly fund education for blacks and whites. But they made it clear that the two races wouldn’t be educated together. In 1896, the U.S. Supreme Court accepted the notion of segregated schools as long as facilities were equal. It quickly became apparent, however, there would be few, if […]

Culture Wars: The History of Franco-American Accord and Discord
November 4th, 2000 - (0 Comments)

We think they’re odd because they like Jerry Lewis and Mickey Rourke; they blame us for spreading McDonalds and Disney everywhere we go. These views are only the most recent of the longstanding criticisms Americans and French have offered of each other’s cultures. Government professor Jim Ceaser (University Virginia), author of Reconstructing America: The Symbol of America […]