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Unaccompanied Minors
December 25th, 1999 - (0 Comments)

Every Wednesday evening, two student groups meet on the portico of the ancient Wren Building on the campus of William and Mary to give an impromptu concert. Colleges across Virginia are mirroring a national trend; an explosion of interest in student singing groups. Take delight this week as we feature holiday season choral selections from […]

What A Meal!
December 18th, 1999 - (0 Comments)

One result of the international trade that has developed since WW II is the global dinner table. People can now dine on raspberries from Guatemala, strawberries from Mexico and coconut milk from Thailand. But with this trade comes a certain amount of risk—the spread of food-borne disease. Micro-biologist Ivor Knight (James Madison University), a veteran of […]

Apocalypse Now?
December 11th, 1999 - (0 Comments)

Fear of an apocalypse at the turn of the millennium has proliferated. George Greenia (William & Mary), professor of medieval and renaissance studies, has studied similar periods throughout history. He says of all the books of the Bible, none has fired the imagination more than the Book of Revelation by the Christian prophet John. Here we […]

Why Religion?
December 4th, 1999 - (0 Comments)

Karl Marx considered it the “opiate of the masses.” But for countless others it is a source of strength and, for some, lends a dignity to otherwise impoverished lives. Religion professor Susan Kwilecki (Radford University), author of Becoming Religious: Understanding Devotion to the Unseen, discusses her study of believers in south Georgia. How, she asks, can people […]