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Can You Believe It? Eyewitness Testimony and Juries
May 30th, 1999 - (0 Comments)

Our judicial system is predicated on the notion we may be tried by a jury of our peers. But some worry that we’ve strayed too far from that fundamental notion and that the jury system is plagued with problems. Sociologist Donald H. Smith (Old Dominion University) says jurors have little understanding of the laws they’re asked to […]

Physician-Assisted Suicide: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
May 23rd, 1999 - (0 Comments)

In 1997, Oregon voters approved the Death with Dignity Act, which allows doctors to help the terminally ill hasten their deaths. While other states have considered such a law, none has approved it. Proponents say the dying should have some control over their final days – autonomy that can only occur with the help of […]

Here’s to (Another) Land of the Longleaf Pine
May 16th, 1999 - (0 Comments)

Tobacco wasn’t the only native species that interested early English settlers in Virginia and North Carolina. Plentiful forests of longleaf pines also proved a draw. In the towering trees, settlers saw masts for sailing vessels and tar pitch to waterproof their hulls. The pines’ worth proved their downfall and few large stands of the trees […]

Standards of Learning: A Hot-Button Issue
May 9th, 1999 - (0 Comments)

Parents, teachers and students around the state are trying to make sense of the SOL’s. And it’s a safe bet, there are few who don’t have some opinion as to the tests’ worth. Even scholars are weighing in. Education researcher Lawrence H. Cross (Virginia Tech) thinks the SOL’s share the same problem as other standardized tests. They […]

Civil War Sound
May 2nd, 1999 - (0 Comments)

Recent studies have shown that “sound anomalies” during the Civil War may have led to some deadly strategic blunders. Physics professor Chuck Ross (Longwood University) discusses how atmospheric acoustics affected several key command decisions. Historian Scott Nelson (William & Mary) looks at the connection between the railroads and the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in the Reconstruction South. […]