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Mind and Body: Respecting the Whole Person
December 27th, 1998 - (0 Comments)

Is the mirror your friend? Or does it leave you wishing for a little less here and a little more there? Plastic surgeon Kelman Cohen (Virginia Commonwealth University) and psychologist Cindy Bulik (Virginia Commonwealth University) discuss body image and the lengths to which we go to change our looks. Also: John Peale (Longwood University) talks about the role spirituality plays in […]

Encore, Encore!
December 20th, 1998 - (0 Comments)

An encore presentation from the With Good Reason archives. A visit with poets George Garrett (University of Virginia) and Lucinda Roy (Virginia Tech).

‘Tis the Season, Again
December 13th, 1998 - (0 Comments)

We celebrate the holidays with a three-course feast for the mind. Like Scrooge, Charles Dickens knew the value of a penny. Annette Federico (James Madison University) looks at the circumstances under which Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol and four other Christmas books. Then, Randall Bedwell talks about the “Dickens of the South” and other little known facts about Christmas below the […]

Cruisin’ the Islands
December 6th, 1998 - (0 Comments)

For many the Caribbean remains a favorite winter destination. The word itself connotes images of white sandy beaches and warm, crystal clear waters. But what else do we know of the region? Bonham Richardson (Virginia Tech) and Olwyn Blouet (Virginia State University) look at the history of the Caribbean and its ties to the U.S. and England. Also featured: Jacqueline […]

Race – Our Most Difficult Question
November 29th, 1998 - (0 Comments)

Despite the positive legacy of the Civil Rights movement, race relations remain a vexing issue in American society. Virginia State University professors Renee Hill and Dirk Philipsen join noted journalist and George Mason University professor of history Roger Wilkins to explore tensions between the races and new efforts to bridge our differences.

What Hath GATT Wrought?
November 22nd, 1998 - (0 Comments)

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Susan Aaronson, professor of public policy at George Mason University, discusses the impact of GATT on the American worker. Also featured: Radford University‘s Flo Graham explores the Virginia Economic Bridge, a plan to spread economic opportunity beyond the confines of Northern Virginia.

Male Call: Domestic Violence and Post-modern Man
November 15th, 1998 - (0 Comments)

As physical prowess and other traditional “macho” attributes continue to take a backseat to intellect, what defines the post-modern man? And is he less likely to engage in domestic violence, child abuse and violent crime? Psychologists Chris Kilmartin (Mary Washington College), William Fals-Stewart (Old Dominion University) and Robert Eisler (Virginia Tech) are featured.

Recovering the Stories of Veterans Known and Unknown
November 8th, 1998 - (0 Comments)

With Good Reason celebrates veterans and their day with some little-known stories. Ervin L. Jordan, author of Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia, discusses his book. Also, some of the African-Americans who fought in the Civil War headed West for their next battle. Historian Cassandra Newby (Norfolk State University) tells the story of Black troops who […]

“Gross Me Out”: Sick Jokes and Halloween Horror Stories
November 1st, 1998 - (0 Comments)

Throw political correctness aside and join us for a look at sick humor. Psychology professor Al Harris (Radford University) explains what’s really behind those jokes about Natalie Wood, the Shuttle and lepers. Also: James Weaver (Virginia Tech) explains America’s love affair with horror films.

Election ’98: Searching for the Ideal Candidate
October 25th, 1998 - (0 Comments)

In the wake of Lewinsky and Starr, pundits discuss the Congressional elections and the “Ideal Politician of the 21st Century.” Also: A look at Virginia political dynasties with analysts Bob Holsworth (Virginia Commonwealth University) and Susan Tolchin (George Mason University), author of The Angry American – How Voter Rage is Changing America.