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School for Scandal? Literary Censorship in K-12 Curriculum
October 31st, 1997 - (0 Comments)

Each year, venerated literature, from Huckleberry Finn to Catcher in the Rye, is banned from school libraries around the country by parents and religious groups who find the content of these classics unfit for young minds. English professors Leila Chistanbury of Virginia Commonwealth University and Kara Keeling of Christopher Newport University discuss the prevalence of questionable censorship in Virginia’s schools and what […]

Conquering Depression: The Role of the WPA in Virginia
October 24th, 1997 - (0 Comments)

The New Deal was created to rescue the nation from the ravages of the Great Depression. In the process, however, there came of the dramatic changes to the lives, culture and societies of Virginians of all races. Husband and wife Charles Perdue Jr., a University of Virginia anthropologist, and Nancy Martin-Perdue, an historian, discuss the effects of New […]

Good Morning, Vietnam: 25 Years After the Fall of Saigon
October 17th, 1997 - (0 Comments)

Vietnam is emerging as the economic frontier of the 1990s, and nations around the globe are lining up to take advantage of its needs and resources. Even the U.S. can’t resist the seemingly boundless opportunity this former French colony and U.S. enemy offers. James Madison University economics professor Roger Ford, founder of Friends of Vietnam Inc., […]

A Gender at Risk? Women’s Health Care in Developing Countries
October 10th, 1997 - (0 Comments)

Health care for women is a growing concern worldwide, but nowhere more acutely than in the poorer countries of Latin America and Asia where tradition, discrimination, and poverty conspire to cause unnecessary illness and death among mothers and daughters alike. Nursing professors Margaret Bassett of Radford University and Lea Pellett of Christopher Newport University discuss health threats to women […]

From By-line to Bottom Line: Journalistic Ethics in the 90s
October 3rd, 1997 - (0 Comments)

Economic pressures are forcing newspapers and television to find new—and sometimes startling—ways to attract readers and viewers, from well-intentioned community-based reporting to manufactured “news” and incendiary reports. Are journalistic ethics becoming a thing of the past? Old Dominion University journalism professor Joyce Hoffman joins Norfolk State mass communications professor Shirley Carter and Virginian-Pilot reporter Phil Walzer for a free-wheeling discussion of the fourth […]