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The Innocence Project
July 4th, 2015 - (0 Comments)

Image via Pixabay user weinstock

Image via Pixabay user weinstock

Deirdre Enright is perhaps best known to fans of the super-popular podcast Serial as the legal sleuth questioning the guilt of convicted murderer Adnan Syed. As director of the University of Virginia’s Innocence Project, Enright has a front row view of failures in our judicial system, from underpaid and inept lawyers to over-eager and biased police officers. Plus: Steve Helvin was a district court judge for 21 years. He says that incorrect rulings probably happen more than you might expect and the court system should be ready to reverse bad decisions.

Later in the show: When it comes to love, jealousy is sometimes thought of as “natural” or even desirable. But a recent survey led by Mindy Erchull (University of Mary Washington) suggests that women who see jealousy as a positive thing may be more likely to find themselves in abusive relationships. Also: Tragedies like the Newtown shootings dominate the debate over gun ownership. But in an average year, suicides outnumber homicides by 3 to 1 and most are by firearm. Alex Tabarrok (George Mason University) and Justin Briggs  say a causal relationship is clear: more gun ownership means more suicides.